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Barbara Mohr

Barbara Mohr

I have lived in Palma since 2015, but fell in love with Mallorca during a long-term stay between 1988 and 1995.

Basically, I just like to draw. I always have. From an early age, art was the intuitive way to express the joy and beauty I found in the little things in life. 

Born in Hamburg and raised with a strong connection to Denmark and Spain, as well as traveling extensively around the world, I have been inspired by the diversity and beauty of nature, its inspiring landscapes and places of tranquility, as well as its people.

Pencil, pastel and watercolor, the basic techniques of painting, I have always used. The Mallorcan artist Josep Munar taught me the technique of oil painting. Since that time I also like to paint in oil. But I use all techniques, mainly pencil for sketches, pastel for portraits, watercolor or oil for landscapes, flowers and animals. I prefer realism or photorealism. None of my pictures are really finished, as long as they are with me I always find something to improve.

My works have been exhibited in galleries in Spain and Germany, and digitally in Switzerland and the USA by an international gallery. 

Instagram @art_barbaramohr

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