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Emma Garcia Terrades

Emma Garcia Terrades


"And just as we clothe events with the fabrics of our thoughts, so we clothe the objects of this visible world around, and where one sees harmony and beauty; another sees disgusting ugliness"

James Allen ,”As a Man Thinketh”

Painting should have died a long time ago.

It doesn't really make any sense for us to keep painting. There are much more accurate and realistic ways to represent objects and circumstances.

And yet... we can't stop doing it... nothing can ever replace the energy that is transmitted directly from the painter's hand to the support of his painting... nothing can ever replace the failure that becomes beautiful, the chance of some stains, and the final result; which most of the time is bigger than the idea you had... as if there was someone or something else that had given its touch. This is what fascinates me.

Each drawing and painting has a different origin and way of creating itself, sometimes it is exactly as it was born in the mind of the painter. Others are completely the result of the play of lines and colors, or chance, or the combination of all this... each seems to know how he should be born.

The artist is sometimes totally creative and other times it seems to be just the channel or instrument through which "something" had to leave the world of ideas.

In any case, whatever the artistic process, the painter's "fabrics of thought" "dress" his paintings in their own particular way and just as it is true that "as a man thinks, so is he" the same happens with the artist and his creation.

I was born and raised in S ́Arracó, a very special town, full of artists of all kinds, people of all nationalities and with an old colony of hippies. Many parents of friends were artists so I have memories of seeing their ateliers and way of life. My maternal grandmother also painted, as a hobby, so I guess my childhood was "colored" without me noticing.

I have always enjoyed painting, both painting and contemplating, this led me to study the career of Art History and to follow my own self-taught path in painting.

All children enjoy painting and at some point they stop doing it... I just continued...

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