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Pilar Amengual Borras

Pilar Amengual Borras

Hi! I'm Pilar Amengual Borras, I'm an abstract painter and I paint waves!!

I paint with great amounts of acrylic paint everyday and I make 3D paintings…my paintings are made to touch and feel...

I love the mediterranian sea! And I try to copy its turquoise colours mixing primary colours. I make my own colours.

My mom was a great painter so I grew up painting since I was a baby, my grandpa too and my great grandpa was the great Alexandre de Riquer.

I sell in three shops one physical and on Amazon handmade and Etsy.

I do a lot of exhibitions every year and three magazines, Ona Mediterrània radio and a newspaper has interviewed me…

Please check out my instagram to see my style!

Instagram: @pilpaintings

Etsy: Pilpaintings

Facebook: Pilar Amengual

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