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Sylvia Galos

Sylvia Galos

Born in Austria, Sylvia Galos painted in all her youth. 

After her studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, she worked as a graphic designer. 

After 35 years in advertising, she returned as an artist in 2009 and now lives and works in Mallorca. Besides the intensive cooperation with renowned art teachers and artists, she developed into an autodidact.

Guided by inner impulses, her pictures are created from spontaneous brushstrokes, which often remain in this form. Others experience changes - diffuse becomes concrete, concrete becomes abstract.

Many pictures are inspired by the colours of her favourite island Mallorca, the special light, the blue sea and the ferrous earth. 

But there are also powerful pictures in which intense red predominates. She also likes to reduce her pictures to large white areas, which lose none of their vitality due to the numerous underlying layers.

Sylvia Galos is always on the lookout for something new and doesn’t want to remain faithful to any style, only to herself. 

Her pictures usually have no titles. She likes to give the viewer the opportunity to find his individual interpretations.

In recent years Sylvia Galos has had solo exhibitions in Austria and Mallorca and has participated in various exhibitions in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Mallorca and Beijing. She is represented by Galerie Inspire ART, Dresden/D


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1956  born in Eisenstadt, Austria

1974  School leaving examination (general qualification for university entrance )

1974–1978  Academic studies at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Master class applied art, Professor Schwarz

1976–1978  WU Executive Academy of Vienna University of Economics and Business certificate program for advertising and sales/ Academic advertising and marketing merchant

since 1985  Freelance graphic designer

1986  Formation of an own advertising agency

1986–2009  Advertising agency in Eisenstadt and Vienna, CEO, Art Director, Copywriter

since 2009  independent artist, Austria and Mallorca


Solo Exhibitions

1977  Cultural Center Eisenstadt/A

2011  Cselley Mühle, Oslip/A

2012  Galerie Prünner, Mattersburg/A, Leisserhof, Donnerskirchen/A,

Restaurant Ruckendorfer, Eisenstadt/A, Animal Center Sonnenhof, Eisenstadt/A

2013  SAPP, Klagenfurt/A

Restaurant Reisinger/Pöttsching/A,

Long Night of Museums, Eisenstadt/A

2014  GESUB, Wien/A

2016  Galeria ArtMallorca, Palma/ES

Galeriecafé Rust/A

2017  CDW, Eisenstadt/A

2017-21  Beck&Dörnhöfer, Eisenstadt/A

2019  Casa Cultura, Felanitx/Mallorca, Köllerhaus, Eisenstadt/A

2021  Deiger & Manninger, Eisenstadt/A

Köllerhaus, Eisenstadt/A

Popup Heuriger Nehrer, St. Georgen/A

Köllerhaus, Kleinhöflein/A

Cselley Mühle, Oslip/A

2022 „OPEN“ Popup Gallery, Eisenstadt/A

Group Exhibitions

2012  Castle Hotel Schlaining/A

2013  Falling walls and open spaces, Cselley Mühle, Oslip/A and OHO Oberwart/A

2014  Open spaces and invisible walls/Landesgalerie Burgenland, project room,

Eisenstadt/A, Go West/LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin D
 a-formal-ities / Cheapart, Athen/GR

2015  Alte Synagoge Trnavar, Slowakei

Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest/H

Art Beijing/CHN, represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin/D,

Fair-(ies) Re Tale(s), Cultural Center Chania, Kreta/GR,

RossoCinabro Gallery, Rom/I

2016  Art Beijing/CHN represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin/D,

Galeria ArtMallorca, Palma/ES
 Nitx de l‘art, Galeria Can Cabestre, Felanitx/ES
 Galeria 3c3, Palma/ES

Nitx de l‘art, S’Arracó/ES

2017  Nitx de l‘art, S’Arracó/ES

Nitx de l‘art, Felanitx/ES,

Transform-Arte, 1st Art Fair Eisenstadt/A

art gallery pepa art project, Algaida/ES

2018  ART Lucca/I, represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin/D, LDXArtodrome

Gallery, Berlin/D

Leon/ES represented by Eka & Moore Gallery

Almoneda, Madrid/represented by Galeria ArtMallorca, Palma/ES,

ARTe Sindelfingen, Juke Art Galerie/D,

Museum Galerie Rosmolen Universart, Zeddam/H, represented by Eka & Moore


Gran exposición de primavera, Eka & Moore Gallery, Madrid/ES,

Trampo, Nitx de l‘art, Felanitx/ES


Nitx de l‘art, Algaida/ES,

Enigmatic Realism, Rocca Paolina, Perugia/I represented by LDXArtodrome


Art gallery pepa art project, Algaida/ES

2019  Little Treasures, Galleria d’arte de Marchi, Bologne/I

LDXArtodrome Gallery/Malta

Impressions mediterranies, pepa art project, Palma/ES

ARTe Wiesbaden, represented by Juke Art Galerie/D,

Ellas, Nitx de l‘art, Felanitx/ES,



1974–1977 Artist Village Neumarkt/Raab and artworkshop in Florenz/I

2010-2013 art summer with Sepp Laubner/A

Robert Zielasco/Kunstfabrik (artfactory) Vienna/A

Isolde Folger/Kunstfabrik (artfactory) Vienna/A

International summer Academy Hortus Niger with Giselbert Hoke/Halbenrain/A

2013 13. artsymposium eu-art-network falling walls and open spaces, Cselley Mühle Oslip/A

2014 14. artsymposium eu-art-network open spaces – unvisible walls, Oslip/A

Alexander Jeanmaire, Art Academy Bad Reichenhall/D

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